Let us talk about designs.

Manama, Bahrain

A bit about me

I always love design, be it in graphics, 3D, motion graphics, logos or how a product functions. In the field of design, tools are must haves to create beautiful designs. I use Photoshop a lot for illustrations, image retouching, color grading and even in 3D texturing. I use Illustrator for designing logos, branding, and creating vector graphics.




For motion graphics, I am a certified professional in using After Effects in creating engaging and visually appealing videos.


For 3D visualization, I am well versed in 3D Studio Max, Cinema 4D and Maya. Additionally, I am adept on VRay and Mental Ray.

When it comes to designing, my flexibility is really wide. I don’t want to limit myself with only one aspect of designing.

It’s always never too late. There is always a way. Nothing is too difficult if you love what you do.


For over 10 years in the field of advertising, I enjoyed every bit of it, every project and every new knowledge I acquired. I am always fascinated with visual eye candies that I see on screens, big or small, added to that is when I am involved in the executions of those projects.

Being in the creative industry is like a never-ending journey, every endeavor is a road that leads to a new experience and learning.

As I move forward, I realized that my curiosity cannot be quenched by mere visuals, so I dig in deeper into underlying codes that make up what I see on my screen. Ah, the art and science of creative field.

Content Creator

For years, you cannot just ignore the growth of the internet in content and in engagement. Definitely, the exponential, ever-evolving state of information is staggering.

People are more engaged than ever with the contents the internet has to offer, especially in the social media sphere. We cannot escape it, we cannot deny it, this is the trend that we are swept in. Businesses are forced to adopt, otherwise, there will be no progress or success if they did not act immediately.

As for me, I cannot just watch and stay with my coding and design skills, I am already caught up in this maelstrom of technology and the ever-increasing demand of contents, be it blogs, WordPress templates, t-shirt designs, 3d models, icons, and the list goes on and on. So, here I am, creating contents for whoever needs them.


Technology is undeniably the backbone of information. There is no doubt about it. And there seems to be no way out nowadays to not be engaged in one way or another, with the tools floating around the internet. Whether you are on the road, in the office, at home, or even all alone.

The pace by how software updates itself is mindblowing, yes, it updates itself, and that is called AI. But the truth is they are still dumb machines, and we are humans, we created them but they can’t create us.

I was introduced with computers long way back when Atari first came up with portable devices with games, those blinking dots remember?  And now, I have to feed my curiosity more in learning how to code with the ever-evolving numbers of programming languages.

Companies I collaborated with